Fields of applications

Multiple industries benefit from the unparalleled properties of CFRP pultrusion and pulwinding technologies. Stiffness to weight ratio, corrosion resistance, tensile capacity, thermal stability, lightweight or a combination of these properties can provide unique composite solutions to fulfill your needs.

Tissue converting, renewable energy, aerospace, civil engineering, automotive are some of the industries that can rely on these materials to addreess their challenges and implement innovative solution.

Find out more about the fields of application where our products are the preferred choice:

Tissue Converting

Pultruded CFRP profiles find various applications in the tissue converting industry. From the unwinder units to the end of line roll packaging machines, our products have proven themselves to be the right choice where productivity and line speed need to go hand in hand. CFRP profiles can be a solution thanks to their lightness. Learn more about our related products.

Robotics and Automation

It’s all about efficiency! Lighter and stiffer grippers with higher payloads, less vibrations at higher operation speeds, longer lifespan and reduced downtimes are the premium solution for the industry leaders who want to optimize their production while improving energy and HSE performance. Whether you’re in the automotive industry or in the Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, you don’t want to miss out on the multiple benefits that our specially developed products have to offer.

Automazione e Robotica

Paper Industry

Expandable shafts are one of the key elements when it comes to paper industry machinery. Our CFRP profiles, specially designed with experts of this field, are key components of top of the class expandable shafts, providing them with outstanding bending resistance. You can find more information about them and our other special profiles here.

Industria Cartaria

Textile Industry

State of the art machines, at the highest level of complexity, for them to be profitable each and every part has to be reliable even when they’re pushed to the limits. This is when you need stiffness to weight ratio that only CFRP profiles can provide. Only Pultrusion can provide industrial-scale production of high quality CFRP profiles.

Industria Tessile

Industrial Rollers

Idle and motorized roller performances can be drastically improved by the correct choice of the CFRP body realized in pultrusion or pullwinding. Low inertia and higher accelerations, wider rollers with better vibration dampening properties, these are only some of the benefits of CFRP rollers that can reduce downtime and increase productivity. Browse through our available measures or get in touch with us for more information.

Rulli Industriali

Design Objects

CFRP profiles can be an aesthetically rewarding choice in addition to their well-known mechanical properties. An outdoor lamp that can resist the harshest weather conditions can still be lightweight and beautiful with its clean and minimal design. A coffee table can have an elegant and attractive look. We are privileged to collaborate with renown designers and firms of the design industry.

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