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Delivering innovative customer-specific composite material solutions for over a decade through our expertise in carbon fibre pultrusion and pullwinding technologies.K-Composites is a company specialized in pultrusion and pullwinding technologies with over a decade of experience in producing carbon fibre reinforced composites.

The main goal of K-Composites is to  provide customer-specific composite solutions through research and innovation. The company relies on its highly skilled team of engineers and technicians to meet the challenges of its customers. Each project is approached with curiosity and dedication.


Pultrusion and pullwinding are the two technologies at the heart of our manufacturing process. These technologies are supported by R&D activities that include mechanical testing and various  lab analyses in order to provide continuous  improvement in product properties.

These  methods combined with the properties of carbon fibers are the only viable options for reproducible manufacturing of cost-effective,    high performance composite profiles  at an industrial scale.

Fields of application

Multiple industries benefit from the unparalleled properties of CFRP pultrusion and pulwinding technologies.

Tissue Converting

Tissue Converting

Robotics and Automation

Automazione e Robotica

Paper Industry

Industria Cartaria

Textile Industry

Industria Tessile

Industrial Rollers

Rulli Industriali

Design Objects

Oggetti di Design